We are building world-leading quantum computers for the well-being of humankind, now and for the future.

It may seem impossible, until science makes it possible.


We are providing our customers a fast lane for quantum advantage.

Our creative approach is to bring applica­tion-specific problem solving to a multitude of industries. Through combining hardware and software design in the development of quantum processors, we can bring applica­tion-specific capabilities to our customers. This approach is one of a kind; for example, it is expected to offer entirely new avenues for health care, machine learning, financial modeling, materi­als science, and chemistry, and in general, it may boost up discoveries and breakthroughs in science and engineer­ing.

The whole world goes around by the laws of quantum physics.

IQM is speeding up discoveries and breakthroughs in science and engineering with quantum computing.


We build machines to achieve quantum advantage and solve real-world problems that no classical computer could ever solve. We are working for the benefit of humankind to extend our horizons, our understanding of matter, life, and the universe.

From finance to energy, medicine to material sciences, logistics to advanced industries, quantum computing speed up discoveries and breakthroughs to improve the lives of everyone.

Reality may look obscure, until science clarifies your vision.

Quantum advantage is about breaking the limits of classical computing.