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Investopia 2023

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mar 1 – Mar 2, 2023

Investopia's goal is to bring together investors, business leaders, and governments worldwide to launch new investment opportunities, drive economic growth, and shape future economies for the 3.5 billion people in our region and beyond.

Investopia aims to spark a dialogue between investors, business leaders, and governments to help drive more investments and incubate vital innovation to help propel industries that will shape the future of our planet. This is possible through building new capabilities, establishing network effect and providing resources, thereby enriching the culture of sustainable investing.

At the second Investopia annual conference in Abu Dhabi, our CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Jan Goetz, will join other experts in the field of AI and Quantum Computing to discuss "Quantum Leap: Transforming Industry through Quantum Computing and AI.