A quantum accelerator to solve your computational needs

Prepare your HPC infrastructure for the future.

Product features


IQM for HPC offers computational acceleration with on-premise quantum computing hardware, ensuring the fastest, most secure, and low-latency data transfer between the classical and quantum systems.


Quantum technologies deliver a sustainable alternative to the growing computational needs.


IQM is a full-stack system integrator. With our experience in building quantum accelerators and working with supercomputing centers in Europe, we provide an expedited way to gain a significant lead in building your hybrid computational solutions.


Extend your return on investment and access an exponential performance increase in certain computations by combining the best of both worlds: classical supercomputing and quantum computing – the future of hybrid computing.


IQM offers quantum hardware which can be regularly upgraded to deliver technological sovereignty.


With IQM, you will get full and secure access to the hardware, thus accelerating your research capability and speeding up innovation.

Federal Minister Anja Karliczek with Jan Goetz, CEO, IQM (Picture Credits: BMBF/Hans-Joachim Rickel)


IQM’s vision is that we are no where near the computational limits of our time. With our quantum solutions, we are bringing quantum-accelerated high-performance computing capability to supercomputing centers. This capability makes it possible for our customers to combine the best of both worlds, classical high-performance computing and quantum computing, in which certain computational tasks are specifically assigned to quantum processing units (QPUs), both technologies running in parallel. This combination will speed up overall computational performance where specific parts of exceedingly difficult computations are addressed by a QPU, exponentially accelerating those tasks.

In collaboration with Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, we are excited to present our latest whitepaper, which delves into the road ahead for integrating quantum acceleration into supercomputers. This paper explores the critical steps and decisions required to build the quantum future of high-performance computing, paving the way for important strides towards green computing.

Soon, all HPC centers will be Quantum accelerated – the time to act is now.


  • Time to output is too long
  • To find sustainable computing solutions
  • High capex requirements
  • Inadequate computing power for large research projects

Source: IQM and Atos — State of Quantum Computing in HPC Research by IDC Europe, August 2021 (n = 110)

Quantum technologies hold the promise of addressing key sustainability issues, including:

  • Reducing the energy consumption of data centers and servers that contribute significantly to the growing climate crisis.
  • Limiting the energy requirement for complex computations even as demand continues to rise in data-centric applications, AI, simulation, and more.
  • Accelerate the development of new innovations to solve global sustainability such as carbon capture and efficient battery breakthroughs.
  • Minimize quantum computing’s own potential climate and environmental impact, with technological breakthroughs.

State of Quantum Research in HPC Centres Report

49% of HPC centres plan to adopt quantum computing technologies for the first time by 2023.

By 2023, 76% of HPC centres worldwide will be using the technology — the majority with an on-premises infrastructure.

27% of HPC global centres are already experimenting with quantum computing.

Whitepaper: Bringing Quantum Acceleration to Supercomputers

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