Accelerating innovation through Application Specific Co-Design

Your fast lane to quantum advantage.



IQM is offering innovation partnerships for forward-thinking enterprises where quantum computing expertise and business design meet to solve the most demanding applications.


We will co-design optimal adaptations of quantum hardware and algorithms to address industry-relevant problems.


The aim is to bring quantum advantage to business problems

Solution Overview

The quantum computer solution provided by IQM consists of an on-premises quantum computer with all required hardware, built around the QPU. In addition to the QPU, the hardware contains enabling technology needed for cryogenic conditioning of the QPU and electronics needed to operate the system.

Furthermore, the system is integrated with the software components up to the level of enabling the user to run quantum algorithms. The system also provides the user with wide access to different technology layers, including directly addressing hardware abstraction, i.e., enabling the use case of defining low-level QPU control sequences by programming arbitrary microwave control.

IQM’s offering comprises of 5/20/54-qubit systems with an option to upgrade the system to higher qubits when available, including all hardware and software required for the continuous operation of the quantum computer.

The delivery of the system depends on the customer requirements and QPU specifications. The 5-qubit system is available with the shortest lead time, and the exact lead time depends on the availability of key components. The delivery schedule for higher qubit systems can be agreed separately.

As part of the offered solution, IQM can also offer a software solution that is interoperable with the Atos QLM. As part of this, IQM will provide an adapter which allows running quantum circuits defined on the Atos QLM. The connectivity to a High-Performance Computing infrastructure can also be discussed separately.


Quantum computers have the potential to efficiently simulate the dynamics of nanoscale NMR systems. In our paper, Co-Design Quantum Simulation of Nanoscale NMR, we demonstrate that a noisy intermediate-scale quantum computer can be used to simulate and predict nanoscale NMR resonances. To minimize the required gate fidelities, we propose a superconducting application-specific Co-Design quantum processor that reduces the number of SWAP gates by over 90% for chips with more than 20 qubits.

Our Co-Design marketing flyer, Qubit-Resonator Star, introduces the first member of a family of qubit-resonator structures that can be leveraged in Co-Design Innovation partnerships.

State of Quantum 2022 Report

66% of businesses surveyed consider software development to be a main priority for quantum investment.

63% of business leaders expect commercial uses of quantum computing within the next five years.

91% of business leaders surveyed are already investing or planning to invest in quantum computing.

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