On-Premises Quantum Computer

This is an ideal solution for research institutions and national labs to accelerate research and get full access to the hardware.

Product features

1. Full and secure access

With IQM, you will get full and secure access to the hardware, thus accelerating your research capability and speeding up innovation.

2. Full-stack system integrator

IQM is a full-stack system integrator. With our experience in building national programs, we provide an expedited way to gain a significant lead in building your national quantum ecosystem.

3. Technology sovereignty

IQM offers quantum hardware which can be regularly upgraded to deliver technological sovereignty.

4. Sustainable offering

Quantum technologies deliver a sustainable offering to growing computational needs.

5. Innovation

Accelerate innovation with quantum computing.

6. Quantum Readiness

The fastest way to start building quantum readiness is to partner with IQM. We have the largest quantum hardware team in Europe, comprising of world-renowned quantum experts.

Finland's PM Ms. Marin and President of the European Commission Ms. Leyen with IQM Quantum Computer.

IQM delivers fully integrated quantum computers to your premises

We have a world-leading understanding of how national quantum research programs should be designed, built, and managed. Having collaborated with numerous international quantum programs and already delivering fully integrated quantum computers for our customers, we have the capability to provide an expedited path for research institutions and national labs to gain a significant lead in their quantum programs.

Our offering is unique, as IQM’s quantum computers can be located at your premises with full access to the hardware.

As the global competition over quantum leadership becomes more important in the coming years, now it is the perfect time to start building quantum readiness by investing in the future.

Product features

The quantum computer solution provided by IQM consists of an on-premises quantum computer with all required hardware, built around the QPU. In addition to the QPU, the hardware contains enabling technology needed for cryogenic conditioning of the QPU and electronics needed to operate the system.

Furthermore, the system is integrated with the software components up to the level of enabling the user to run quantum algorithms. The system also provides the user with wide access to different technology layers, including directly addressing hardware abstraction, i.e., enabling the use case of defining low-level QPU control sequences by programming arbitrary microwave control. The below figure illustrates the technology stack of the QPU, pointing out the core system provided by this offer. The figure also illustrates potential applications and concepts for integrating into classical high-performance-computing systems.

IQM’s offering comprises 5/20/54-qubit systems with an option to upgrade the system to higher qubits when available, including all hardware and software required for the continuous operation of the quantum computer.

The delivery of the system depends on the customer requirements and QPU specifications. The 5-qubit system is available with the shortest lead time, and the exact lead time depends on the availability of key components. The delivery schedule for higher qubit systems can be agreed upon separately.

IQM Quantum Computer's Technology stack


IQM will also provide the following part of the software stack.


High-level: Quantum circuit and quantum algorithm execution

  • Logical control
  • Quantum Circuit Optimizer

Mid-level: Definition and execution of customer and standard quantum experiments

  • Experiment layer
  • Common library
  • Data layer

Low-level: Instrument configuration and control

  • Backend service
  • Instrument drivers

The software has various layers for different levels of quantum computing hardware abstraction. It includes a low-level control layer for defining microwave pulse shapes, and a high-level interface for programming and executing quantum algorithms.

The software also includes APIs to connect to third-party compilers like Atos QLM, Google Cirq, and IBM Qiskit such that quantum algorithms executed on the IQM computer can be defined in a flexible and hardware-agnostic manner.

IQM Product Brochure