IQM Quantum Computers and QC Design partner to bring “Fault Tolerance” module to IQM Academy

QC Design, a quantum computing company that designs useful and scalable quantum computers, has partnered with IQM Quantum Computers to introduce a new training module dubbed “Fault Tolerance and Quantum Error Correction” (FT-QEC) to IQM Academy to broaden the learning opportunities for university students, educators, and quantum enthusiasts.

The new module is a hands-on introduction to the field of fault tolerance and quantum error correction, which describes how to build scalable and reliable quantum computers despite noise and other imperfections in the quantum hardware.

The first half of the module introduces the basic concept of error correction codes and the stabiliser formalism, a critical tool used to develop and analyse quantum error correction codes. The second half focuses on decoders—algorithms that analyse error syndromes, determine the most likely error configuration, and ultimately correct those errors to recover the quantum information.

Throughout, the open-source fault-tolerance simulator 'plaquette' developed by QC Design is utilised to interact with a quantum code, allowing learners to experiment with various errors and understand their effects.

The new module is aimed at an audience of advanced amateurs—for instance, someone who is familiar with the basic concepts in quantum computing and is now interested in delving into fault tolerance and quantum error correction.

A learner with no background in the topic can use this module to get a feel for how one can go from noisy physical qubits available today to the scalable and reliable quantum computers of the future. In the process, they gain a working knowledge of the key concepts in fault tolerance, including error correction codes, hardware errors, and decoding. 

Since the code examples in this module utilise open-source fault-tolerance software ‘plaquette’, the learner can expect to go away from this module with the ability to run meaningful simulations to study what happens when real-world imperfections in today’s hardware meet modern methods in fault tolerance.

QC Design's CEO and co-founder, Dr. Ish Dhand, explains why the company decided to collaborate with IQM: “We develop and licence designs for scalable fault-tolerant quantum computers and enabling technologies. IQM is a powerhouse in quantum computing, with actual quantum hardware deployed in real-world settings.”

He added that a collaboration such as the one in this module provides the best of both worlds to the audience: insights from the specialists in fault-tolerant architecture and from the specialists in quantum hardware. “IQM Academy provides the ideal forum to showcase this collaboration.”

On his part, the Education Lead at IQM, Dr. Stefan Seegerer, said Plaquette is an exceptional tool for teaching quantum error correction, owing to an intuitive API and comprehensive visualisation options. “For IQM Academy, this means learners can grasp complex concepts effortlessly as they navigate through the interactive curriculum.”

Launched two months ago, IQM Academy, a free online quantum training course, is part of IQM’s commitment to provide education on quantum computing to everyone around the world. The academy is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices here: IQM Academy


Michael Sarpong Bruce is a Communications Specialist at IQM. He has over ten years of experience in marketing and communications across diverse industries, including mining, telecommunications, and insurance. He is also a former business journalist and has experience in public relations and media buying agencies.