10 promising startups from freezing Finland to watch in 2021

What’s it like to start up a business in the country with the world’s happiest people? Being surrounded by stunning natural scenery, and boosted by advancements in gender equality and education, must contribute to this statistic. Finland’s business ecosystem is a strong hub for venture capital investments, also being home to cool tech events like Slush, and boasting success stories like Angry Birds and Wolt. In particular, entrepreneurs in this Nordic hub working in the gaming, electronics, software, cleantech, biotech and health industries are in luck, thanks to this country’s innovative tech scene particularly in these sectors.

Thanks to its favourable entrepreneurial ecosystem, Finland has a strong number of successful and promising startups on the block. For this reason, it was a little complicated to narrow down this list to just 10, to say the least. With this in mind, it’s worth taking a look at our list of Finland-based startups to watch for 2020 and to watch in 2019, to compliment the startups you’ll find in this year’s article.

So without further ado, here are 10 promising and fresh-faced startup Finland-based teams founded in the last 2-3 years, who all have fast-growing teams, are working on innovative missions, and are also showing promising signs, such as raising funding in the last year.

IQM – If quantum computing is your thing, then IQM will be of interest to you. Founded in 2018, this Espoo-based startup is the one of the European leaders in superconducting quantum computers. Its team builds scalable hardware for universal quantum computers, focusing on superconducting technology. When it comes to funding, IQM has landed over an astonishing €70 million, closing 3 rounds last year reaching around €56 million.