IQM Receives a Prestigious Startup Prize

IQM has been selected as one of the ten most promising Finnish startups of 2020.

IQM founders from left to right: Dr Kuan Yen Tan, Prof Mikko Möttönen, Dr Jan Goetz, Dr Juha Vartiainen

Every year a renown Finnish financial and business magazine Talouselämä selects the ten most promising startups in Finland, and this year IQM made it here. The selections are made by an expert panel that changes every year in cooperation with Talouselämä’s editorial team.

“IQM is a great promise in a hot area of technology that is fundamentally changing the world. IQM received the largest seed financing ever in the Finnish history.”


Talouselämä Startup 2020 brings together the Finnish startup community and influencers for networking around the topics such as recent themes in finance, scaling, growth and what sets success apart from others. This year, the amazing potential of quantum computers to change our world for the better and the exceptional success of IQM in this field is in the spotlight.

Thumbs up! 🙂

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