IQM Quantum Computers: Company Video

At IQM, we are on a mission to build world-leading quantum computers for the well-being of humankind, now and for the future. Here’s how we’ve progressed and where we are headed next.

About IQM Quantum Computers:

IQM is the Pan-European category leader in building quantum computers.

IQM provides on-premises quantum computers for supercomputing data centers and research labs and offers full access to its hardware. For industrial customers, IQM delivers quantum advantage through a unique, application-specific, co-design approach.

IQM is building Finland’s first commercial 54-qubit quantum computer with VTT, and an IQM-led consortium (Q-Exa) is building Germany’s quantum computer, which will be integrated into an HPC supercomputer to create an accelerator for future scientific research. IQM has offices in Paris, Bilbao, Munich, and Espoo and employs over 160 people (Feb 2022). More information:

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