We build quantum computers for research and supercomputing centers.

We design the future of technology


IQM’s second-generation quantum processors use proprietary on-chip components to increase the QPU clock speed. Quantum operations have been too error-prone for reaching quantum advantage and, at the same time, too slow for scalable error correction.

This is about to change.


IQM adopts a unique approach to implement increasing levels of specialization to build robust, application-specific, quantum computers. Our co-design strategy strives for optimal adaptation of hardware and algorithms to solve industry-relevant problems.

Our co-design algorithms are implemented using a unique Digital-Analog paradigm that combines digital gates with the evolving quantum hardware and is always future-ready.


IQM’s proprietary technology improves on three key areas: reset, gates, and readout.

The result? The fastest, most precise quantum processors.

And our hardware manufacturing expertise in cryogenic and room-temperature electronics allows us to deliver control of large-scale quantum processors at room temperatures.


IQM has experience in both cryogenic and room-temperature electronics.

The result? Scalable control of large-scale processors at room temperatures.