We build quantum computers

IQM continues its European expansion; new French subsidiary will focus on IQM’s co-design customers in aviation, space, and cybersecurity

A new super-cooled microwave source boosts the scale-up of quantum computers

One of the first IQM quantum computers, located in the IQM headquarters, Espoo, Finland.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build world-leading quantum computers for the wellbeing of humankind now and for the future.

Our Technology

IQM quantum computers are developed in a unique hardware-software co-design approach. IQM's second-generation quantum processors use proprietary on-chip components to increase the QPU clock speed for error correction.

IQM's co-design strategy aims to deliver quantum advantage to its customers, using novel chip architecture, application-specific processors, and ultrafast quantum operations.

The result? IQM leading the way in deploying on-premise quantum computers with processors optimized for quantum applications.