State of Quantum 2024 Report

Developed by IQM Quantum Computers, OpenOcean, and Lakestar, in partnership with The Quantum Insider (TQI).

The 2024 State of Quantum report is the latest research investigating the preparedness of business leaders towards quantum technology, analyzing sentiment across major geographies and industry sectors.

Offers insights on how quantum-focused firms can bridge the existing divide between the pace and direction of quantum technological development, and the immediate requirements from customers to explore alternative approaches to compute.

The latest TQI data reveals several notable year-on-year comparisons

A 50% drop occurred in venture capital invested into quantum startups from $2.2 billion in 2022 to around $1.2 billion in 2023 globally

  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa grew by 3%

  • The United States saw an 80% decline

  • APAC region declined by 17%

Over 30 governments have committed to more than $40 billion in public funding commitments to quantum technologies which will be deployed in the next 10 years.

Of these governments actively involved in quantum technologies, over 20 have formulated coordinated policies, funding, and roadmaps.

National labs and quantum computing centres have accelerated practical applications with dedicated quantum computing centres and hubs emerging.

Annual government funding commitments to quantum represent an estimated 2x the quantum VC investment peak in 2022.

Total private investment in quantum technology

Total private investment by region

Key themes from interviews with thought leaders across the quantum value chain

1. Developing internal quantum expertise and readiness is becoming a top priority for leading organisations across sectors like financial services and pharmaceuticals.

2. Experts are aligned on the short-term importance of quantum hybrid systems, recognising their potential to unlock immediate value for businesses.

3. There is not a quantum winter, but the investment landscape is certainly colder. Start-ups need to be realistic, and manage their funding roadmaps carefully.

4. Governments are important sources of patient capital to provide long-term backing for quantum, and overcome the high initial costs of Research & Development.

5. Artificial intelligence and quantum computing are technologies that can benefit from each other, with lots of early research into use cases like generative chemistry and digital twins. However, Investors should take care that the hype around AI does not cannibalise attention on quantum.

Venture capital investment vs. Government funding

Government funding landscape


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  • Michael Streif, Quantum Computing Scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Alexey Galda, Associate Scientific Director, Quantum Algorithms and Applications at Moderna

  • Quantum Research Manager at Global Multi-Industry Conglomerate

  • Brad Kim, Chief Quantum Officer & Senior Executive VP

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