IQM Radiance™ - Your Gateway to Quantum Advantage

Introducing IQM Radiance™ - An upgradable quantum computing platform that paves the way to quantum advantage.

IQM Radiance™ comes in two variants:

54-qubit quantum computer

Upgradable to 150-qubit system

Target for availability: Q3/2024

150-qubit quantum computer

Upgradable to higher fidelity QPU

Target for availability: from Q1/2025

IQM Radiance™ is designed for businesses, high performance computing centers, data centers and governments.

Contact us today to discover how IQM Radiance™ can take you on the path to Quantum Advantage.

Early Access Advantage

IQM Radiance™ starts as a 54-qubit system, and we plan for it to be available in 2024 to provide early adopters with the opportunity to master system operations, integrate systems into existing environments, explore algorithm behaviour, and perform quantum advantage experiments.

Our commitment to quality and excellence is exemplified by our successful partnership with institutions such as the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, where we built a remarkable 20-qubit quantum computer, achieving outstanding results. Our plan is to pilot the delivery of a 54-qubit system to VTT in the second quarter of 2024.

Quantum Advantage at Your Fingertips

IQM Radiance™ comes with the opportunity to upgrade the 54-qubit system to a 150-qubit system in 2025. We will continue to support customers on their path to quantum advantage by replacing the initial 150-qubit chips by higher performance chips as soon as these are available.

This will enable customers to bring added value to end users for them to solve real-life problems with less computing time, or less power, or by achieving more accurate results, as compared to the best classical device of similar size, weight, and cost.

Pave the way to Quantum Advantage with IQM Radiance™