IQM Spark™ - Empowering Quantum Exploration

Introducing IQM Spark™ - a turnkey solution for R&D and education.

Product features

1. An affordably priced 5-qubit superconducting quantum computer, professionally designed and calibrated as a turnkey solution.

2. Full control of the experimental setup allows you to reproduce a variety of experiments and create new groundbreaking research results.

3. Carefully crafted learning materials, accessible through our user-friendly platform IQM Academy.

IQM Spark™ Technical Description

Why IQM Spark™?

Harness our advanced hardware and technology in the field of superconducting quantum computing. With superior speed, gate quality, and a clear path to scalability, a superconducting quantum computer is the optimal choice for universities and R&D labs aspiring to be at the forefront of quantum innovation and exploration.

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Utilise our cutting-edge quantum computer and comprehensive curriculum to empower future leaders in quantum computing. Elevate your quantum study program and create entirely new learning opportunities for your students. By giving students hands-on experience with the IQM Spark™, you're nurturing a new generation of quantum professionals who can meet job market demands and drive advancements in quantum science.

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…and enhance your research and development.

IQM Spark™ isn't just a tool for education; direct access to the quantum computer guarantees full control over experimental setup, simplifying the creation of new experiments and advancing knowledge in the field. Plus: No more waiting in queues!

Its ability to switch between quantum processing units and components transforms it into a perfect testbed for quantum computing components.

Experience a quantum system on your site.

Having the hardware physically present allows complete experiment control. It also enables more comprehensive education and training opportunities. Students gain hands-on experience with the hardware, learning to set up and operate the quantum computer directly. They can also see how a quantum computer behaves when not fully cooled, attach external peripherals to verify experiments, calibrate the quantum computer, and much more.

Exemplary Educational Use Cases for IQM Spark™


In this lab section, students will delve into the crucial process of calibrating a quantum computer. Calibration is a vital step to ensure the accuracy and reliability of quantum operations in a superconducting qubit system. Through hands-on activities, participants will gain practical insights into the challenges and techniques involved in achieving precise control over quantum states. Students work in small groups, each assigned to a physical qubit (or coupler) on the quantum hardware, i.e. students fine-tune qubit frequencies to match target values, minimizing frequency deviations that can cause gate errors. By exploring different calibration sets they explore the effect.


Driving qubits and reading out their state is a crucial task within quantum computing. This is by defining gates using a given API or framework. These gates are then transformed into microwave pulses. By executing and compiling quantum circuits using software and observing their effects using an oscilloscope connected to actual hardware, students will gain a deeper understanding of the mode of action of a quantum computer. In this lab section, students will analyze the resulting readout data in multiple experiments.


Dive into the world of quantum computing with our learner-focussed lab sessions and learning modules. Created by a team of teaching and quantum experts, these ready-made learning experiences are designed to spark curiosity and make learning quantum computing easy and exciting! Provide your students with the skillset for a quantum-enabled future that can't be provided with cloud access.

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Setting up a quantum computer in a lab can be challenging; determining the technical requirements demands expertise and specialized knowledge. But don't worry, we've got you covered! With our deep understanding and experience, we offer expert support to make your quantum computing infrastructure seamlessly operational. Unlock the full potential of this groundbreaking technology without any hassle.

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